Tancord (1998) Limited
TANCORD receives the bulk of its raw materials from naturally grown sisal fibre. The sisal is grown by a total of 1,167 smallholder farmers under the management of Katani Limited on five estates totalling 14,606 ha distributed in Korogwe District in north-eastern Tanzania
100 percent natural sisal carpets, woven from the finest world-renowned Tanzania sisal fibres. They are non-static, elegant, comfortable and can withstand extremely hard wear

Yarns and twines are manufactured and  packaged in spools ranging from half a kilogramme to two kilo¬≠grammes. Agricultural twines are packaged in spools of between 4 kg and 8 kg
Sisal Fibre Bales in 250 kg
Sisal fibre is available in different grades that conform to the London Sisal Association Grading Definitions. The company uses fibre in the following grades: 3L, UG, SSUG, UF, Tow and Flume Tow. The fibre is delivered to the factory in 250 kg bales
Rot proof and water-repellent sisal ropes ranging in diameter from 6 mm to 48 mm with corresponding breaking weight ranging from 254 kg to 14.7 tonnes
Finished products from sisal carpet material range from hand bags, easy chairs, containers, round and square coasters, pen holders, hand bags  hotel size table mats, shoes to laptop bags.
Buy Sisal Products. Natural and Safe
Manufacturer of Ropes, Twines and Carpets from Sisal
A subsidiary company of Katani Limited